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Can make it work with http?

  • Yes, Right Click Project Solution > Properties > Web > Project Url > Place your url http://localhost:/*.
  • Select Project > Properties Window > SSL Enabled to “False” > Place http://localhost:/* in Url.
  • Remove RequireHttps from FrontEnd and ControlDesk Controllers.
  • Now Clean and Build Solution to apply Changes.

Social Login Integration is available?

  • Yes, firstly complete Build Project and Load Sample Data steps.
  • Login using Admin account.
  • Under Configuration > Core > Fill Facebook and Google IDs and Secret Keys.
  • Now Clean and Build Solution to apply Changes.

How to publish project on shared hosting?

  • Clean and Build Solution.
  • Under Build menu > Publish Property4U.
  • Select Custom to create Profile by given name to it.
  • Publish Web > Publish Method “FTP”.
  • Fill FTP Details provided by hosting provider and select Validate.
  • After successful Validation select Publish and wait until it Uploading files using FTP.
  • Create AppData folder in root of File Manager of Control Panel if missing > Upload XMLDocument.xml from project solution to AppData.
  • Create new MSSQL Database.
  • Upload and Attach Property4U-2-1-beta.mdf database file located in project App_Data folder to newly created MSSQL Database.
  • Open Web.Config and replace connectionString="*” with your hosting provider one.

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