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where is the .mdf


I agree with Alex where is the .mdf Thanks.

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mfahim wrote Dec 21, 2015 at 2:41 PM

Yes, MDF file is not included in project but you can generate it by performing following steps (using fresh fork):
◾Open Project in Visual Studio 2013.
◾Open ControlDesk > Index.cshtml file under Views folder of project solution.
◾Build project Build > Build Solution or Ctrl+Shift+B.
◾Go to Debug menu and select Start Debugging or F5.
◾When project is loaded in browser it prompts with Login Screen.
◾Enter Admin Username and Password from Passwords.txt provided in project source.
◾After successful Login, system automatically generates .mdf file and takes you the Configuration page.

But still if you need MDF file for quick start
◾Unzip attached file.
◾It contains mdf and log files.
◾Copy those files to App_Data folder and Start Debugging.